Sobre Vista Farms enjoys a storied history as well as a legacy of yielding goods of the finest quality. As early as 1873, one of the property’s first owners General George Hooper had planted dozens of acres of citrus, fruit and nut trees and cultivated hundreds of acres of vines. After him, Rudolph Spreckels continued the upkeep of the vineyards and added dairy barns and a game reserve. After his daughter-in-law, socialite and philanthropist Alma de Bretteville Spreckel, inherited and renovated the estate, a visitor described a landscape of “broad lawns dotted with giant oaks, rare shrubs and flower beds.”

Today, Sobre Vista Farms is expertly tended by long-time Farm Manager Salvador Chavez. In addition to our fine olive oil and premium Chardonnay wine, our Sonoma Mountain estate produces honey from our own colony of bees, fresh eggs from our chickens, figs and chestnuts from our orchards and exquisite hydrangeas from our gardens.

Olive Oil

Our unique blend of Mission and Manzanillo olives are estate grown in the beautiful wine country appellations of Sonoma Mountain and Knight’s Valley in Northern California. Sun-kissed days and cool evenings produce extremely flavorful olives. Hand-picking and cold-pressing create this particularly healthy and delicious extra virgin oil.

Sobre Vista Farms’ extra virgin olive oil is produced according to the highest standards of the industry. We use only the finest olives, grown without the use of any pesticides, to produce the purest oil. To learn more about the differences in quality and value between true extra virgin olive oil and more common blended oils, please explore the following materials.


New Yorker Article on unregulated olive oil:   


Striated with obsidian, ash and marine deposits from its volcanic origin millions of years ago, Sonoma Mountain’s terroir features rocky soil, sloping elevations and excellent drainage. The folds and crevices of the mountainside create varied microclimates that add complexity and structure to the region’s wines. Sun-soaked days and cool mountain evenings contribute exceptional flavor to these thicker-skinned grapes.

This unique terroir received a specific designation from the AVA in 1985, but its reputation for producing excellent wine was established long before then. As early as 1889, white wines produced by one of Sobre Vista’s first owners began to garner awards at numerous international exhibitions, including that year’s World Exposition held in France. The vineyard has since been cared for and developed by Sobre Vista residents throughout its rich history.

In its current incarnation, the Sobre Vista Farms vineyard is planted with Chardonnay vines, some as mature as 40 years. In a 2007 article in the San Francisco Chronicle, Tim Teichgraeber wrote that the Sonoma’s elevated ridges were swiftly becoming known as “one of the finest places in the state” to grow Chardonnay. The beloved varietal is also produced locally for a number of renowned labels, including acclaimed wines from Kistler and Paul Hobbs. Sonoma Mountain Chardonnay is often distinguished by its rich minerality, bright acidity, and balanced notes of citrus, flowers, fruit and stone.

In 2012, Sobra Vista Farms began production of its estate-bottled Sonoma Mountain Pugash Chardonnay. We look forward to preparing the first vintages of our wine, and plan to make the new releases available for purchase through this site.